E-Book (PDF) Foundations For Liberty
  • E-Book (PDF) Foundations For Liberty

    This book is in the process of being printed but due to recent world developments this book will now be available for a limited time in a downloadable PDF for $5. Purchase while the link is still up! Learn how to secure your personal liberties and discover the secrets of money! Our world is changing and your freedom is at stake!




    The United States of America has been the greatest experiment for liberty the world has ever seen. It was an idea centered on limited government, decentralized power, and a strong moral fabric. America’s journey has not always been perfect, but its founding documents recognized a set of ideas that are inspiring to every person because they embrace an eternal truth that every human has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that these natural rights were granted by God and not the government.

    Unfortunately, many of the founding principles that made America great have been slowly eroding away and the foundations for which liberty stands are now on shaky ground. Foundations for Liberty was written to help a generation rediscover America’s foundations and what it means to truly be free and self-governing. America’s future is in your hands and the freedom we cherish is now one generation away from extinction. It’s time to awaken the sleeping giant inside of the American people! Embrace this book and reignite the flames of liberty. It’s time to rediscover freedom in the 21st Century.