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Matthew J. Moore:

Matt’s experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space has been centered on helping everyday people and lawmakers in the State of Oklahoma understand this new technology and it’s implications. One way Matt educates people is by regularly making 1 minute educational videos called Crypto Minutes (see videos above).


In 2019 Matt had the privilege to help author some of the first pro-cryptocurrency legislation for the State of Oklahoma. Matt is a free market and sound money advocate and has encouraged the State of Oklahoma to take a hands off and friendly approach to this new sector to encourage economic growth for the State. He has advocated that there be a proper legal framework that recognizes these digital assets as a new emerging asset class.


Matt has continually advocated to lawmakers that people and companies involved in this new sector need to know that their businesses and assets will be protected, welcomed, and be free from taxation in the State of Oklahoma. In addition, Matt is a natural communicator and sees himself as a type of evangelist for personal liberty and the potential impact blockchain technology can have on our society.

In October 2019 Matt had the unique opportunity to speak in front of the Oklahoma Senate to help educate and enlighten Oklahoma lawmakers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Thanks to State Senator Nathan Dahm Matt become the key organizer for that same interim study on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, gathering a handful of experts to present at the study.

Invite Matt To Speak:

If you are interested in Matt coming to speak at your next event to help explain this new and exciting technology please use the consultation sign-up box above or click the button below. Please provide your event details. Matt is also open for interview opportunities as well.


Matt is not a financial advisor and any post, service, video, interview, or speech is for educational & entertainment purposes only. Services do not included financial or tax advice of any kind. Services and posts are merely personal opinion and experience. All risk, security, responsibility, and investment decisions are each persons discretion. Matt Moore and Causeway, LLC are not held liable in any circumstance. Invest at your own risk.

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